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Children’s Interactive Touring Opera

Space Encounters!

Space Encounters is an educational, touring children’s opera originally commissioned by Opera Queensland. I was lucky enough to get to perform the role of Roland the Robot with them in 2012. At the end of their production, and after seeing how much children loved the opera, I purchased the sets, props and costumes of the production to bring to audiences in South Australia.

Space Encounters is a 50 minute, interactive children’s opera written by Sean O’Boyle and Ian McFadyen. It tells the story of two astronauts and their robot as they travel into space in search of a signal. Along the way they learn lessons of acceptance, not judging a book by its cover, friendship and helping one another. The set is made up of recycled drink bottles too!

As well as performing in several school halls, in 2014, Space Encounters was part of the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Something on Saturday Program and also part of the Out of the Square program.

If you would like to book Space Encounters for your school, or for more information please contact Emma Knights Productions. We only need a small flat surface to perform the show and we come to you!

The cast for Space Encounters:
Jefferson – Lisa Cannizzario
Harris – Karina Jay
Zolo – Andrew Turner
Roland – Emma Knights
Covers – Meg Doherty, Jeremy Tatchell & Andrew Georg