Attend Adelaide Fringe 2021 from anywhere in the world!

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Check out these Adelaide Fringe shows from the comfort of your own home!

Have you always wanted to attend the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the second-largest Fringe Festival in the world? In 2021, you can! In 2021, many artists are live-streaming their shows so that you can enjoy them from anywhere in the world! If you keep an eye out here, we will also have some artist interviews and short videos where they will show you their favourite places in our city of churches. You might not be able to travel right now but grab a Coopers Pale Ale or bottle of Barossa wine, a Balfours’ Frog Cake or pie-floater and let us bring Adelaide to you!

Here are a list of Fringe shows I am involved in if you are also presenting your show via LIVE Stream then feel free to comment below!

Myths, Fantasy & Legends

Emma Knights doesn’t always feel equipped to navigate the real world and so writes music to understand it – or to escape from it. Join her on an otherworldly journey using myths, legends and fantasy to look at the realities of life.

Book your ticket to this world premiere HERE>

Wild West Adventure Party

Head to the Wild West in Texas from the cozy safety of home. In this interactive adventure, your group is the hero and the choices you make determine the outcome of the story. It’s an experience of active fun where you’ll conquer the American frontier with your cowboy boots on and your six-shooter at your hip. Will you stay out of trouble or purposely find some in a world of saloons, rustlers, and romance? Your guide, Shelby Bond, has performed live for over 700,000 people and these adventures have been featured for MGM Hollywood.

Choose your own adventure time-slot HERE> and read a review HERE>

Pirates of Penzance

We have almost sold out our live shows so, if you want to see this G&S classic performed in an hour with a cast of 8, then jump online and book your LIVE Stream ticket HERE>

The Reichstag is Burning

A national emergency is declared. Civil liberties are restricted. Theatres and nightclubs — intellectual, artistic havens – are closing. A chanteuse takes to a smoky stage in musical defiance. A postmodern cabaret for a world on fire, inspired by the Weimar Kabarett tradition. Written & Performed by Joanne Hartstone, Designed & Directed by Tom Kitney, Musical Direction by Emma Knights and Mentorship & Translation by Professor Michael Morley.

Grab your tickets to this world premiere HERE>

Country Chic

Jared Gerschwitz recounts his life growing up ‘a little fabulous’ in country SA. Hear as he goes from the dirt roads and wheat fields to London and back again. Told through song and story, come and enjoy a love letter to the world of wheat, sheep and tiny towns and the world of glitz, glamour and big city lights from the boy who belongs to both.

Grab your tickets for this world premiere HERE>

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