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Chicken Egg

A question I am often asked is how long it takes me to plan an immersive theatrical work and how I go about booking the locations. It is a little bit like what comes first…the chicken or the egg 🙂

A current example is my production of The Sound of Music.  I first contacted The Monastery on the 2nd of November 2017 to see if they might be interested in being a venue for the production. After numerous questions to clearly explain my concept, they agreed it would be a wonderful location.

Then the task of applying for the rights began, it is one thing to ask the rights company to perform a show in a theatre and quite another to explain – usually via email – what it is you are planning! I applied for the rights of The Sound of Music on 27th December 2017 and they were approved after a few back and forth explanations.

I am not sure which part is the chicken or the egg but they both do need to marry up or the production cannot go any further. When I was looking to do my production of Chicago, for instance, my original concept was the old Adelaide Gaol. The rights company denied the rights for me to perform it in this setting. I was on the verge of giving up on the show when my mum mentioned perhaps setting up another venue as a jazz club – thanks mum! So I approached the Woodville Town Hall and the rights company and many of you know the result!

So generally it is just over a year (sometimes longer sometimes a little shorter!) that I spend planning these productions and I find it is best to ask the venue first so you can explain what you want to do to the rights companies!

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