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Immersive vs Interactive

Someone mentioned to me the other day that the word immersive scared them! They asked if it meant that they would have to do things in the production. So, here is my explanation of immersive vs interactive…


Immersive, for me, means making the production as real to life as possible. It is putting the performers into a location that is like or is similar to what they would appear in real life (Read my location-based theatre post!) It means that the cast may come around you, and may well speak with you but you do not need to be involved or interact in anyway unless you wish to.


I run a number of interactive shows:

  • Space Encounters requires the audience to sing
  • Tales of Adventure is crafted on your ideas and you can be pulled individually or as a whole audience to be characters
  • My literary events take you into the world where you can interact with characters and be immersed

My interactive shows require your involvement for the show to progress and be a success. You might be a character or the characters do not come to life until you approach them!

Whilst there may be some small cross-over into both realms, if you do not like being involved in shows then you can feel safe at my immersive events and if you want to be completely involved then check out my interactive shows! Both types, and sometimes a completely passive experience, bring you into the worlds and help you escape reality for a short time 🙂

Hope to see you again soon! Check out what is coming up HERE and if you are unsure then do get in touch!

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