Many of the great authors were also proficient musicians or inspired many composers to write music to their words. In our Literary Inspired Events we take you on a journey through time that can only be explored through music and words.

Escape to another world!

A Day With Jane

“It’s such a happiness when good people get together”

You are invited to join us for a Sunday afternoon escape, an escape into Jane Austen’s world. Dust off your best regency era costumes and explore the romance to be had with Jane. Set in the stunning conservatory at Ayers House, you meet some Jane Austenesque characters ready to entertain you for the afternoon. Your ears will rejoice in the sounds of music (from Jane Austen’s family songbooks and songs from the movies and BBC dramas) while your tastebuds delight in an Ayers House Afternoon Tea. The afternoon is filled with many other regency activities too including, of course, readings from Jane’s novels.