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Location-Based Theatre

Location-based theatre turns locals into tourists!

The theatre is an escape from reality and location-based theatre takes that a step further. I know when my casts and creatives arrive at a location there is just a weight lifted off our shoulders. Come along and escape for a day!

I am often asked if I will run repeat seasons of shows in the city centre. Many things spring to my mind about city productions (and don’t get me wrong I do love our Adelaide city!)

  • Parking is difficult, not only for patrons but for people involved in the production
  • It is a concrete jungle. Whilst there are some beautiful places within our city you do not get the escape feeling you get from working further out
  • Unique venues are getting harder to find with the constant knocking down of beautiful buildings to be replaced with not-as-pretty apartment buildings
  • There is a lot more competition with things to do in the CBD
  • There are more restrictions, regulations and expenses in the city

Whilst I do some productions in the Adelaide CBD, there is something special about finding the perfect location somewhere different. Yes, it may mean travelling a little further but I assure you it is worth it. Creating productions on sites makes you more involved with the story – you become part of it. I encourage you to come along and see what I mean. Find some friends or family and fill a car and come on a drive, or jump on a bus! Just the experience of getting there can be great fun! The locations I chose have so much to see and do around them and my show times allow you to do something before or after the show. Come and visit a place you have never been (or come again and see it in a new way), hear the stories, see the surroundings. Location-based theatre is a whole new experience.

Our upcoming locations are Collingrove Homestead for Anne of Green Gables & The Monastery for The Sound of Music. If you still cannot visualise then have a look at videos here and here!

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