Musician Sneakers

Musician sneakers

Musician Sneakers

Today, I welcome guest blogger, Clarissa Rivera from Taos Footwear to enlighten myself, and you, about what to look for when we are deciding on our musician sneakers. I have always had a wide foot, making things difficult and so usually wear my New Balance or Sketchers…some of my fellow musos have said it is time to update my shoe wardrobe as they do not always go with what I wear. I have never been very cool at my gig outfits so I hope this article not only helps me but perhaps some of you as well! There are also some great links in the blog for further reading too.

Fashionable Shoes for Musicians to Wear on Stage

Your image as a musician is at least as important as the music itself when it comes to your success, and your shoes need to be comfortable enough to wear throughout gigs. 

No matter what instrument you play, you should look for something that fits your music and style.

Footwear plays a very important role in projecting your brand as a musician to the audience. Whether you go for a pair of comfortable sandals or decide to throw on a pair of suave shoes, what you choose to cover your feet with is an essential element for both comfort and style. 

Musician Sneakers: What to Look For

Different bands have different styles, but tennis shoes are a relatively neutral and stylish option for nearly any aesthetic. These supportive sneakers are also extremely comfortable to walk around and perform in, while other shoes might make your feet sore after an hour or two.

Below are a few of the most popular and functional footwear types that are currently available. But, remember that you can’t go wrong with any sneaker as long as it fits well, cushions your foot, and looks good with the rest of your wardrobe. 

You’ll develop a stronger image for your band over time, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks.

Chuck Taylors

Jon Foreman from Switchfoot is just one of many stars to rock the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, an instantly recognizable aesthetic and a great overall option for any musician. The updated version is even more comfortable than the original, and it fits with almost any style.

Furthermore, you can easily find Converse shoes for less than $50 or $60, making it an affordable option for any budget. This is the perfect choice for anyone who’s new to the world of music and looking to make a strong impression on their audiences.

Adidas Superstar

Even though the Superstar design has been popular as far back as the 1970s, it still looks completely modern (just like the Chuck Taylors). They’ll probably run you a bit more than the Converse, but many people find that they’re more comfortable than canvas shoes.

Air Jordans

Air Jordans are closer to a basketball shoe than most sneakers but are just as iconic as any other pair, and slightly flashier than the two mentioned in this list. They also come in a wide range of colours and editions, giving you plenty of room to look for something that suits your band’s style.

Chris Martin from Coldplay, for example, has worn a neon pair of Air Jordans on stage. Even if you’re not able to get a personalized pair, Air Jordans are still a great option for any musician.

The shoes you wear when performing are an easy detail to overlook, but they’re extremely important for both your comfort and style on stage. These three sneakers are unmistakably cool and versatile enough to wear with any outfit, making them the perfect place to start developing your band’s aesthetic.

Thanks so much for your insight, Clarissa!

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