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Candlelit Knights (SOLD OUT)

Piano by candlelight

A piano concert by candlelight in the beautiful candlebark forest of Sinclair’s Gully Winery as part of the Nature Festival. BOOKINGS HERE! Sinclair’s Gully, South Australia’s favourite ecotourism venue is hosting Emma Knights’ unique outdoor musical experience. Set against the majestic candlebark gums of Sinclair’s Gully, the evening will showcase beautiful piano music with the accompaniment of the yellow-tailed black…

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Half of Two

A one-on-one concert between you and a musician as a part of the Nature Festival! Book Here! 13 twelve-minute concerts available between 1 pm and 4.30 pm! Book quickly! In 2017, Emma Knights Productions ran a series of performances for an audience of one, aptly titled: Half of Two! In 2021, we are combining this idea and our love of…

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