Fringe World 2020 Top Shows I Want To See

Fringe World 2020 Top Shows I Want To See

I am so excited to be heading over to Perth to perform in Fringe World and spent too much time going through the entire program of what I would like to see around the shows I am playing. To see when and where I am playing check out my calendar. I have narrowed it down to my top five here for you! Of course, coming to see me perform in the following would be delightful:

The Piano Men

We’ll Meet Again: Vera Lynn Forces’ Sweetheart

Sense & Spontaneity The Musical


Captain Spaceship: Return of the Captain Spaceship

I didn’t see Captain Spaceship’s arrival but I am sure that his return will be amazing as everything Weeping Spoon Productions produces is! You can also check out Zack Adams: Love Songs For Future Girl by them as well!


The Gods! The Gods! The Gods!

Another company that creates amazing work is The Flanagan Collective & Gobbledigook Theatre. I was invited to see Orpheus in the Edinburgh Fringe a few years ago, the show not having been on my radar. I was so enthralled and followed up by seeing their Eurydice in Adelaide. I am very excited to see what The Gods brings!


Wil Greenway: These Trees The Autumn Leaves Alone

Sadly, this one is not on when I am in Perth so someone needs to see it for me. I am very drawn in by the description and the previous successes suggest it will be good!


Simon Taylor is a Super Funny Boy

I have worked in improvised theatre with Simon and seen previous shows and I can confirm that he is indeed a super funny boy! If you want a laugh head along to this one!


The Cuban Young Guns – Live From Havana!

Those who know me know that Cuba is my happy place and so anything musical or dance that comes directly from Cuba is going to be on my list! Be prepared to not be able to stop your body moving!

See you in Perth! Check out the top 20 Fringe World shows on my “I want to see these” list HERE

I do also love hearing what other people want to see and why so feel free to comment below!

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